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Genera helps owners, boards and top management design future mindsets, ambitious goals, and innovative, digital, sustainable and disruptive business foundations that create growth and bridge for the future in Industry 5.0.

“The wise leader exploits change.”

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You have to change mindset to change direction.

Octopus LIDS is a theoretical / practical model and a 360 degree mindset, a design tool for innovative and future-proof business foundations. It is about understanding and leveraging societal development, future directions and new generations, in an innovative, digital and sustainable world. My basis for growth is the 17 SDG Goals and Industry 4.0.

We help to understand, utilize, develop and implement:

Business basis based on objectives, ideas, purpose, mission, vision, strategy and value set in a clear context, we make implementable plans you remember.

Digitalization of web, systems and processes for increased efficiency, lower costs and smarter workflows, we power everything.

Sustainability for increased reputation, commitment, lower costs and better results, we think climate and social responsibility in everything.

Innovation of people, processes, systems, products/services including branding, sales and marketing - for increased competitiveness and attractiveness, we think innovation in everything.

Our focus is on developing companies and public organizations. We do not do it in finished packages, but based on your point of view, culture, economy and knowledge. Our job is to move you, to make better use of your potentials and to make your goals more effective for better results.


Board work and Interim services

We create dynamics in boards with the latest knowledge and link to future innovation, digitization and sustainability. We have extensive experience with business development, leadership, transformation and change processes, as well as crisis management and turnarounds.

We offer digitalization and streamlining of the board work, so communication, availability and overview are significantly optimized for the benefit of the board and the organization. Our solutions comply with the highest standards and safety regulations, including the General Data Protection (GDPR).

We solve all types of overall management tasks on an interim basis, both in terms of reorganization, optimization and efficiency. We help foreign companies to establish themselves strong and efficiently in Denmark.


Lectures and workshops

We hold lectures and workshops for larger and smaller audience. The style is direct, easily provocative and humorous, with a learning content that gives the audience a good experience. The focus is on future trends in innovation, digitization and sustainability as well as general business development.

Completed and tested lectures:

Set the GPS to the future (evaluation 10 at IDA on a scale from 1 to 10).
Disruption (disruptive innovation).
Business-driven CSR in a digital context.
The future is here, damn.
From seller to relationscreator.
Education 4.0.
Management in Industry 4.0.

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Great theoretical and practical knowledge, 33 years of change management experience, including 23 years as CEO of international companies such as Oticon, as well as many innovative network. I received Nordea's business award, the National CSR Award and is included in the creative elite in Denmark. With the skills below, we see the challenges in 360 degrees and in a 3D perspective. Our strength is that we have served as top manager in various high-competition industries and here we work with both change and transformation of organizations, we know your everyday lives.

Business development

Strategy, Business Plan, Content, Objective, Economy/Budget, Transfer Pricing, Crisis Management, Change Management, Turnaround, Due Diligence, Market Integration, SWOT, Disruptive Innovation and Boardwork/Advisory Board.


Organization development (holacracy, UNBOSS and TAI) and Organizational design, Cultural development and Employee drive, Purpose management, Onboarding, Leadership development (MIE), Team development, Ethical settlement and Recruitment.


CSR, CSI, SDG, Resiliency, Net positive, Circular economy, Sharing economy, Global Compact, Climate compass, Climate records. CSR-profiles, Reporting and Cradle to cradle.


IT, Web, ERP, SaaS, WaaS, Cloud, AR/VR, MR, IoT/IoE, AI, AAI, Big Data, Machine / Deep Learning, MASA, Digital Twins, iOffice, Robotics, BYOD, Bots , Process and system development, Requirements and Industry 4.0.

Products & benefits

Design, IDE, R&D, Prototyping, Concept Development, Production, Quality Management, 3D (4D) Print, Process Development, Lean, Project Management, Scrum, Agile, Servitization, Product Analyzes, Subcontractors, Public Procurement, E-Commerce and Value Chains.


Social Development, Marketing, Graphic Identity, Logo, Names, Market Development/Integration, SoMe, SEO, Communications, Media, Events, Exhibitions, Sales, Concept Development, Black Social and Customer Relationships.

quote The future holds the largest paradigm shift ever.
I think tomorrow's agile enterprise must have a strong financial base and a modern leadership grounded in digitization, sustainability and the almost self-governing organization.
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Tommy Horn
Global futurist, innovative creator, sustainable fighter and digital thinker



Genera offers a range of growth services and IT/web development that goes much further than just consulting. Contact us if you want to know more about the offer below or just missing programming resources on IT.

Strategic Business Development / Foundation SMEs

Genera's model ensures a clear business base. A business basis must be remembered, otherwise it is a waste of time. A business foundation must move the business, ensure dynamics, growth and survival. But most importantly, getting visualized one's thoughts is a prerequisite for changing mindset and ensuring simplicity in the growth process. A business basis must be considered on an A4 page. We create smart businessplans.

Owner or senior management (C-suite)

It is solitary to be responsible and the development is so strong that it is no longer possible to keep an eye on the technology leap of the future and run a business at the same time. The personal and ongoing sparring provides the necessary knowledge and insight, as well as the organization with the critical and external eyes. But the conversation is also a free space between employees and board, to reverse the senior executives personal dilemmas. We bring new energy.

Individual Podio solutions and integrations

Podio is the future of intelligent workforce in organizations. Podio is for internal and external communication, process and system development, task and project management, CRM, time registration, board systems and more. Podio is the 20 most innovative tool in the world and an easy way to digitize. Via an API, Podio can be integrated with other systems, a process we help. Podio can be used in all types and sizes of organizations, public and private. We create platforms in the way you work, just smartere.

Web development and IT development resources

Genera has access to all types of programming and web development as responsive websites, webshops, customer-designed platforms, web apps, apps IOS and Android, APIs and integrations for both public and private organizations. Our programming is done on our own platform in India and all solutions are tested in Denmark. We also offer most types of development resources on the IT, so lacking in resources, we can find and establish them from India, either controlled by us or through direct management.

Identities and names

Genera creates identities. It may be name, color selection, logo on your company, concept or product. Identities create understanding, recognition and awakening feelings. Identity is the sanctuary and today the most crucial factor for burning through the growing tsunami of information.

Concept development and concept architecture

Concept development ensures control of activity and customer. A concept development in all areas, sales, marketing, logistics, production, products, development, quality assurance and more. The concept is the toolbox tool that provides an overview for the employee and the customer

Design and product development

We can help from idea to finished solution, or just a second opinion. It is intelligent to let others and preferably external eyes evaluate on one's ideology before starting the whole process. It's expensive to fail and redo, so the investment in a different sense usually earns home many times in both time and money. Other eyes see other possibilities without being affected by self-esteem and misunderstood intelligence.

Other advice and establishment in Denmark

Establishment of companies in Denmark - Partnership search/establishment in Denmark - Turnaround and crisis management - Conflict management - Manager, team and employee development - Efficiency and optimization - Branding, marketing and sales - Relationship customers/suppliers - Organization development, culture and commitment - Recruitment and settlement - Process and system development - Purchasing and cost optimization - Production optimization - Optimal speech reproduction in classrooms - Construction of transport equipment.